Writings: Persuasion scene

A common exercise in writing screenplays (and potentially most writing?) is writing a scene where one character wants to get something from the other, and has to try different techniques to get it. For instance – REASONING then BEING APPEALING then BARTERING. When I wrote this scene (quite a while back, actually), I decided to make it interesting by mixing up the status and power of the two characters.

ADAM is an adult man who loves to appease everyone, and therefore is loved but powerless. He’s the kind of guy who, in a job interview, seems wonderful – but someone else will give him a job. He’s on the way to a very important interview where he has a very decent chance. The chance lies in this workbook he’s taken with him – only to be picked up by a LITTLE GIRL who thinks it’s her workbook. And watch as an adult man is completely swindled by someone who should have no status over him:




P.S. Please remember this is my work, and can only be used under my terms and with my permission 🙂

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