This blog is my place to motivate myself to put metaphorical pen to paper and write more often, with the added motivation of informally publishing my work. And of course, share my writing journey with whoever is interested!

You can find all sorts of filmic goodies here – my screenwriting work, other sort of writing work, discussions about films, discussions about screenwriting techniques and theory, and other thoughts I go through in my day to day adventures with writing and film.

As a child, I used to write all the time and it was simple. That was my activity – any curious story I had filled my mind with that day was added to paper, and even sometimes continued later. As I grew older, busier, more logical and less imaginative, more focused and less carefree, more future-orientated and less indulgent, I stopped, and never considered it an activity particularly worthy to ‘my future’. Through my journey of finding myself I have found writing again, but now in a different form – in screenwriting. I am attempting to bring out that carefree child-like imagination and merge it with my determination, passion, and excitement for the industry and process of screenwriting.

I hope you can enjoy the adventures I have along the way!

I also film things. asfilms.